What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography captures the moments and emotions of your baby's birthday! It is not graphic or gory. You dictate what you want your photographer to capture. If you don't want photos of certain areas or angles, that's not a problem!

Your birth photographer will come to the place of your birth when you are in active labor (5-6 cm dilated) and document your labor and baby's birth. They will stay for up to 2 hours post birth to capture the bonding moments and the weighing/measuring of baby, first nursing moments, and the afterglow of it all.


Why Birth Photography?

Because it's awesome. 

Because you can show your child the story of how they came from your belly to your arms.

Because your partner is free to focus on you and be in the moments with you.

Because you can look back and see how your partner loved and supported you through labor, and the looks on both of your faces when you became parents.

Because a photo from your baby's birthday is worth more than a thousand words.


Our Mission

As a collective, we strive to educate expectant parents, birth professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, etc), and the general public about birth photography. Many don't know what it is or that it's even an option!

We are the first and original birth photography team in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.

We attend events for pregnant women to host a general presentation of birth photography and answer questions. If you would like to have Atlanta Birth Photographers attend and present at your event, please contact us!



Media inquiries: atlantabirthphotographers@gmail.com